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Top 10 Funny Jokes Of Adult Double Meaning SMS in 2019

Top 10 Funny Jokes of Adult Double Meaning SMS in 2019

Top 10 Funny Jokes of Adult Double Meaning SMS in 2019

Funny jokes (1):

Girl: To get your tight

Boy: Do not worry, I do it slowly,

Boy: Ah .. I can not

Girl: Its Painful

Boy: Forget it ...





We will buy new wedding ring !!!

Funny jokes (2):

In one train a TC imposes a fine of 400 without ticket

He accused the first girl 300 who was wearing sleeves clothes

And 200 to 2th person who was wearing sleeve and backless:

And 100 RO 3g who were wearing sleeves, backless and a mini skirt

They charged for 0 to 4.


Muddy brain ....

He had the ticket .... !!!!!

Funny jokes (3):

Question: Which part of the woman's body is the most rigid, is wet inside the water, when something enters it in it ???

Any: EYE !!!

Funny jokes (4):

Monkeys and girls are the same,


They only fight for bananas !!!!

Boys and mice are the same,

They are always searching new holes ... :)

Funny jokes (5):

Once a girl put her status on whatsapp

"Have Fun in the Rain"

Boy messed up: baby you're wet ???


Funny Jokes (6): 

The diagram was not clear in a book ....

Therefore, Madam pulled a drawing on a blockboard and announced

"Do not look at a book figure, look at my picture !!!" "

Funny Jokes (7):

Kiss on top,

Contagion in the middle,

Firing down,

you know the answer???

Drinking cigarettes is harmful to health ...

Funny Jokes (8):

Doctor: Mrs. Tanya, good news for you !!!!

Girl: What do you mean by Mrs. Tanya ??? I'm Miss Tanya !!!

Doctor: Oh !! Sorry Miss Tanya ... its bad news for you !!!! ... DDDD

Funny jokes (9):

When things get in the wrong sense ...

Dr. says:

take off your clothes!!!

The dentist says:

Keep it open and wide !!!

The interior decorator says: Once you will be in love this !!!!

The banker says:

If you take it out ???? Soon you lose interest !!!

The telephone man says:

Would you like to be on the table or on the wall ?????

Funny jokes (9):

Question: When it goes inside then what is pink and hard ... and soft and wet when it comes out ???

Any guess ??

Answer: Bubblegum

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