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Top 5 Funny Jokes of Boys vs Girls in 2018

Top 5 Funny Jokes of Boys vs Girls in 2018

Top 5 Funny Jokes of Boys vs Girls in 2018

Funny jokes (1):

A woman once said that a man is like a deck playing cards .... you want ....

To love him, a heart,

To make him happy, a diamond,

To break his fucking head in a club and,

A hole for bursting bursts

Funny jokes (2):

The first law of Newton's love force is enforced, while the boy is proposed to the girl, while using his sandals, the force applied by the girl is equal and opposite.

Funny jokes (3):

Girl: I have a question for you ...

Boy: Okay, ask me ...

Girl: What do you see when you look in my eyes ???

Boy: You want to know honestly ???

Girl: Yes !!! ???

Boy: My future ... ???

Funny jokes (3):

A scooter girl left behind a boy boy ...

The boy shouted: Oh buffalo ...

Girl responded (behave) - you are buffalo, asshole, monkey, dog, ...,

Suddenly he crashed, the burden he crashed with buffalo ...

uffff ,,, girls can never understand the spirit of boys;, their attitude is the greatest honest, P: P: P

Funny jokes (4):

A woman is like a pack of cards ...

You need a heart to love her ....

A diamond to win her ....

To break his head in a club ..

A bore to bury the bitch ....

Funny jokes (5):

A human top dating fear is that a woman will come between her and her friends, she will not allow free time, will become a stacker, do not respect her, or will have very much maintenance.

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