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Top 5 Funny jokes in Funny SMS in 2019

Top 5 Funny Jokes in Funny SMS in 2019

Top 5 Funny jokes in Funny SMS in 2019

Funny jokes (1):

Me and my mother in law ....

When I take a long time to finish,

I am slow

When he takes a long time,

She is completely

When I do not do it,

I'm lazy,,,

When he does not do this,

He is busy....

When I do something without informing,

I'm trying to be smart,

When he does the same,

She takes the initiative,

When i am out of the house

I'm moving around ...

When he is out of the house

She is socially active ...

When I'm sick one day ...

I'm always sick ...

When he is sick one day ..

He should be very stressful ...

When I plan a function ..

I'm wasting money ... when

That's the plan,

She is a good host ...

When I do good, then it is my duty ...

When he does, he's doing a great job ...

Dedication to all married daughters in law ????

Funny jokes (2):

After writing the English exam !!!!

Boy 1: How was paper ???

Boy 2: This simple number was expected of question 5, it confused me ....

Boy 2: What was this ???

Boy 1: It was asking from the past of "thinking". I thought and thought and thought and finally ended with writing "stink" :(

Funny jokes (3):

Mean lines on women

Shoe Shop:









"20% off, if bought in 10 minutes"

Funny jokes (4):

Two best advice for a safe life:








1. Alwasys speak the truth, it does not matter how much better it is ...






2. Run immediately after saying it .... :)

Funny jokes (5):

Why is a graduate skinny and a married man fat ??

Graduates come home, what they see in the refrigerator, and goes to bed ...

Married man !!

Comes home, looks at the bed and goes to the refrigerator !!!

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