Monday, October 22, 2018

Top 10 Funny Jokes of Insults in 2019

      Top 10 Funny Jokes of Insults in 2019 :

Funny jokes (1):

I wanted to kill the most lovable,

The most intelligent and most beautiful person on earth ...

but then i was thought that a .......... SUCIDE is a crime !!!!

Funny Jokes (2):

good morning.......

Please follow SLIENCE for two minutes.

In memory of those poor mosquitoes

then who was died at last night after sucking ur blood..

Thank you.

Funny Jokes (3):

When your life is in the darkness, pray two Gods ...

Free him from the darkness and if you pray, even in the dark,

So please pay your electricity bill !!!!!

Funny Jokes (4):

33 he left smaoking


43 he got out of drinking


53 he left gambling


At 63 he left SEX (power failure)

Funny jokes (5):

Magnificent, intelligent, kind, sweet, attractive, humorous, hilarious, friendly










Good enough about me !!! How are you.....;

Funny Jokes (6):

If ever you are very sad and alone in your life and feel that you have lost everything.

I will come

Hold my hand,

Takes you to walk and shows you the bridge that you have to jump ..... !!

Funny Jokes (7):

If I had a camera then I smile at every moment every smile

Put my kitchin in two fear mice .... !!!

Funny jokes (8):

No matter how high the sky is,

How Deep Is the Ocean,

How strong the air is,

I just want to tell you tt










They are none of your business !!!!

Funny Jokes (9):

If any

Comes and

Tell you

you are stupid ..

do not get annoyed ...

Go m

Hold their ears and

Tell them ...

plzzzz do not let this two other people away !!!!

Funny jokes (10):

Two devils came in my dreams ...

They said,

"We want to bother two good people" ...

I suggest them your name ...

They said ,,,,

"We can not bother our boss" ...

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