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Top 10 Funny jokes Husband VS Wife Jokes in 2019 Part 1

Top 10 Funny jokes Husband VS Wife Jokes in 2019 Part 1 :

Funny jokes (1):

Wife: Dear today is our anniversary, what should we do ????

Husband: Let's get stand in silence for couple of minutes ....

Funny jokes (2):

Super message of the day ......... ..

If new weds are called

???"the lover"….??????

What do you call joints

Married for years ?? ......... >>>

"Angry Birds" ???

Funny jokes (3):

Question: Why do women stay more than men ???

A: shopping does not cause a heart attack but pays bills ...

Funny jokes (4):

The wife called her husband ..

Wife: honey, where are you ???

Husband: I am a bank ...

Wife: Dear, please, I need Rs 4000 to activate my Blackberry, 6000 to do my hair, and buy 11000 costumes.

Husband: Sorry I meant that I was on the banks of a river. Do you want to make fish ???????? ;-)

Funny jokes (5):

Son - Father's law does not allow us to have more than one wife ...

Dad - When you become a married son, you will feel that the law is on our side ...

Funny Jokes (6):

The wife calls home, packs her bag honey,

I won 10 million in the lottery

Husband: Should I pack for beach or hills ???

Wife: Who cares ???

Just lose the pack.

Funny Jokes (7):

Wife: I think the daughter loves someone

Husband: how do you know ????

Wife: Because that pocket is not demanding money ....

Funny Jokes (8):

Husband and wife are like two types of vehicles.

If someone makes a pact then the vehicle can not move forward .... \

Always keep a spare tire

== P x)))))

Funny jokes (9):

When a newly married couple smiles,

Everyone knows why.

When it is ten years old

Married couples smile, everyone wonders why ..

Funny jokes (10):

The deceased husband asks his wife: Our 7th son always looked different from the other 6, did he have a different father ?????

Wife (crying): yes yes !!!

Husband: Who ????

Wife: You !!!! : P :) x_x

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