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Top 10 Funny jokes Boy vs Girl in 2019 Part 5 :-

Top 10 Funny jokes Boy vs  Girl  in 2019 Part 5 :-

Funny jokes (1):

Boy: I want to be millionaires. Just like my father ...... !!

girl ; OHH my Good what your father is an millionaire ......???

Boy: No, but he always wanted to be ...: P: P

Funny jokes (2):

The best place to break with your girlfriend is in McDonald's ......

There are no sharp knifes and forks and heavy plates and you can always hide behind a fat baby ...: XD

Funny jokes (3):

Girl: If you were the last person on earth then I will not date you.
Boy: Please bitch ... ..If I was the last person on earth, you would not be here !!!

Funny jokes (4):

Ridiculous but true ....

The boy makes a mistake The girls scream at him The boy says "sorry".

Girls make a mistake boy, his girl shouted, "Excuse me" to the boy.

Funny jokes (5):

Classic insult:

Once a boy holding a dog on Facebook upload a photo ..

The girl commented: "Who are you ??

holding you."

Boys always rocksss;)

Funny Jokes (6):

The boy in the gym coach:

I want to impress the beloved girl I will use the machine in 3 days ???

Coach: Use of ATM Machine ... LO

Funny Jokes (7):

Girls get 100% marks in only 2 subjects ... ??
In makeup and break up ..

Funny Jokes (8):

A boy is very sad song and thinking ...
Kaunsi waali remember yarrr !!!

Funny jokes (9):

Law of Equality:

The time taken by a girl when she says that I will be ready in 5 minutes, the time taken by the boy is equal to when she says that I call you in 5 minutes ... .LL

Funny jokes (10):

Dear little girl, two shopkeepers - When I become a bundle app, my son's wedding will be a good thing.

The shopkeeper laughs at the beating of the buffalo, 1 daughter of his daughter-in-law with the daughter ... .. !!!!

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